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Check the right boxes

Just getting in the door requires technical competence. To be considered, you must demonstrate that you meet the minimum requirements for the job. But that vetting typically happens before the interview is even scheduled. Your resume and LinkedIn profile should clearly map to the job skills requested.



Have an industry perspective — or a technical one

Know the unique angle you’re selling before you arrive at the interview. If you’re coming from another place in the same industry, bring a bigger picture perspective on challenges and opportunities, changes in technology, or in-demand skills in the future. For another example, remove if you’re leaving one large consulting firm for another, have an informed opinion on the trends you’ve seen among corporate clients. What type of new services are they looking for? Is the trend to pay more or less for specific services?


Offer 1 or 2 additional skills

Your base level technical skills are likely what got you the interview in the first place. If you can steer the interview, try to focus on how 1 or 2 additional skills that you have can complement and enhance the basic requirements. If you’re a strong writer applying for a position as a developer, you may not have highlighted those skills on your resume but know that the product manager would be very interested.


Bring your enthusiasm

Get excited about the possibilities and let that shine through during your time with each person you meet at the company. Even if you end up opting out of an offer that comes later because it’s not the right fit, you can be excited in the moment. You never want the people in a post-interview panel discussion to be left wondering whether you were actually interested in them.


Being able to differentiate yourself in a job interview makes you not just the best candidate but the only candidate. In doing so, you solve two problems — one for the employer and one for yourself. Because by making the hiring manager’s job easier, you’re more likely to get an offer. You’ve successfully demonstrated that you meet the criteria, have a unique perspective, offer additional skills, and would bring energy and enthusiasm to the job. By doing this for the employer, you also increase your chances of standing out and being selected- as the one and only for the job.


Published on Inc.com