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What Executives Notice Most on Job Interviews

The most effective way to set yourself up for success — and earn that offer letter — is to take it straight from influential leaders themselves.   Let’s be honest: There’s tons of advice out there about best practices for interviews. From what you should (and...

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The Secret to Mastering Your Time and Getting More Done

  Oliver Emberton once said, “The secret to mastering your time is to systematically focus on importance and suppress urgency.” It’s profound and so true. Urgency wrecks productivity. Urgent but unimportant tasks are major distractions. Last-minute distractions are...

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World of Work: Mapping Your Career

    Transcribed from a Cape Talk podcast. Many people are stuck in the same job for twenty years despite promises that they will be able to map out their career projectory internally. So, if you are; frustrated by this, have questions, or have difficulties you are...

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Get a job counter offer? Now what?

Why you should not accept counter offers! If you have previously applied for a new job opportunity and survived the entire recruitment process (which can be lengthy) and you were awarded the job, then you must be doing something right! Suddenly after handing in your...

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Bounce back after a Retrenchment

The South African economy continues to feel the impact of the pace and volume of restructuring and retrenchments for many reasons some being political uncertainty, our recent junk status, slow economic growth and severe drought which have left many South Africans...

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Managing your online reputation

Social media may be a great tool for marketing your social life but it could be unfavorable when seeking new employment. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Linkedin have become very common for interaction in our day and age. However, the truth of the matter is...

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